Introducting Our New Flash Hider & Brake Attach Suppressors: We are now offering Brake Attach Suppressors. You can find the Brake Attach in each product’s Suppressor Options.  One Mounting System that is cross compatible with all of our Brakes and Flash Hiders.

Precision Suppressors and Custom Long Range Rifles

Templar Tactical is PRECISION and PERFORMANCE.

Suppressors (aka Silencers)

Templar Tactical Firearms uses its patent pending sigma baffle technology to produce fluid flow within their suppressors.  When other suppressor technology achieves suppression by utilizing turbulence; TTF suppressors approached suppressor design in a whole new way by promoting flow and inducing very intense alternating tornado/whirlpool actions.  These conditions create very powerful forces that actually attract and contain gas molecules in each suppressor baffle significantly longer than any other suppressor on the market (in the range of 150 – 250% more containment).  This technology has demonstrated its superior performance in the smallest, lightest, and quietest .338 Lapua Magnum suppressor on the market, and accuracy is second to none winning Top .308 at the Snipers Hide Cup and the GAP Grind Sniper Competitions.


Suppressors have several benefits above the reduction in noise, like a greater reduction in recoil than muzzle breaks, improves accuracy, increases muzzle velocity, stabilizes bullets, and when shooting around others it increases safety and communication which makes for a great training tool when training, executing team based operations, or hunting.

Templar Tactical Suppressors Benefits:

  • Accurate (Proven Accuracy in Tactical Sniper Competitions)
  • Advanced Cyclone Baffle Technology
  • Light Weight
  • Repeatability (Return to Zero)
  • Minimal Point of Impact Shift
  • Serviceable Take Apart Design
  • Generational (Upgradeable to future technology – No additional stamp Required)
  • Durable (Innovativly Overdesigned)
  • Six Sigma Design for Manufacturability/Quality (Matching Engineering Design to Real World Mfg Capability)
  • Superior Materials (Aerospace Grade Materials)

We make the the lightest 30 Cal Suppressor with the best performance on the market.  At 14.75 oz. we are a whole oz lighter than anything that competes with our sound suppression.  On top of that we have incredible POI shift repeatability and very minimal POI shift from unsuppressed to suppressed

Have a look at our Archangel 30 Cal Suppressor and order yours today.

Our suppressors are designed using the latest and greatest computational fluids modeling to analyze gas flow to produce quiete suppressors.  Not every suppressor is equal.  Every detail is designed and verified in CFD analysis to achieve specific results at the right instant in time to produce the best performance and the highest accuracy


How to Buy A Silencer

Custom Long Range Rifles

You can’t beat our 1/4″ MOA Guarantee.  Our rifles are built using engineering science with specialties in Manufacturing, Mechanical Engineering, and Metallurgy.  Every setup, every process, and every concept is carefully designed to reduce variation.  That reduction in variation results in accurate rifles.  We use custom designed reamers, our equipment is engineered and modified to perform the chambering process differently than others using setups that eliminate opportunities of unknown variations to occur.  This makes for some of the best precision shooting rifles in the world.

Our Seneschal Rifle is the best of the best in precision bolt action rifles.

Congratulations to our shooter who took top .308 Shooter at the 2012 Snipers Hide Cup Precision Rifle Competition sponsored by Competition Dynamics using the Templar Tactical Seneschal Precision Bolt Action Rifle and Archangel .308 Suppressor.

Congratulations to our shooter who took top .308 Shooter at the 2012 GAP Grind Precision Rifle Competition using the Templar Tactical Seneschal Precision Bolt Action Rifle and Ark30 Ark30 300 Blackout 30 Cal Titanium Suppressor.