Crux Suppressors\ˈkrō\ : We are proud to announce a new division of Templar Tactical Firearms called Crux Suppressors.  As the popularity of our suppressors grows we feel this will help with the growth and satisfy customer demand.  With the launch of Crux there are a lot of back-end process improvements that will help with customer service as your experience is important to us.  Check out Crux Suppressors new website and shop as well as liking the Crux Suppressors Facebook page and checking out #CruxSuppressors on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
To Purchase any of our suppressors please visit our Crux Shop.

A Company Devoted to Precision on Performance.

Templar Tactical is PRECISION and PERFORMANCE.

Suppressors (aka Silencers)

You can find the latest in cutting edge suppressor technology at Crux Suppressors.

Custom Long Range Rifles

You can’t beat our 1/4″ MOA Guarantee.  Our rifles are built using engineering science with specialties in Manufacturing, Mechanical Engineering, and Metallurgy.  Every setup, every process, and every concept is carefully designed to reduce variation.  That reduction in variation results in accurate rifles.  We use custom designed reamers, our equipment is engineered and modified to perform the chambering process differently than others using setups that eliminate opportunities of unknown variations to occur.  This makes for some of the best precision shooting rifles in the world.

Our Seneschal Rifle is the best of the best in precision bolt action rifles.

Congratulations to our shooter who took top .308 Shooter at the 2012 Snipers Hide Cup Precision Rifle Competition sponsored by Competition Dynamics using the Templar Tactical Seneschal Precision Bolt Action Rifle and Archangel .308 Suppressor.

Congratulations to our shooter who took top .308 Shooter at the 2012 GAP Grind Precision Rifle Competition using the Templar Tactical Seneschal Precision Bolt Action Rifle and Ark30