Archangel 30 Cal Titanium Suppressor Results

I finally got my Archangel 30 Cal Titanium Suppressor for sales/ marketing and competition use the day before I shot the Snipers Hide Cup.  Of course the first thing I did was go to the range to zero my rifle with the new suppressor!


When I got to the range I got a quick zero with the suppressor then checked my POI shift from unsuppressed to suppressed.  I was very happy to see only about o.7″ of shift directly vertical at 100 yards.  My first set of groups with the suppressor were all right around 1/4 MOA or better.  I do expect that the amount of POI shift from unsuppressed to suppressed will vary a small amount per each individual rifle based off of barrel contour and certain processes used in barreling the specific rifle.


I have done several test on repeatability of zero.  One test I shot a string of 6 shots at 6 different 1/2″ dots at 100 yards.  I removed and re-attached the suppressor after each shot to see if the suppressor would hold zero even after being removed.  All but one of the 6 shots was at least touching the 0.5″ POA dot.  On the one shot that was outside the black by a sliver of white I called the shot high left, I believe that shot was my error.  If you placed an overlay of each shot on another 0.5″ black dot the group size would be just under 0.5″ without my flyer and approximately 0.7 with it.  Take into consideration the fact I had to stand up and get out of position in between each shot to remove and re-attach the suppressor I am quite satisfied with the results.  While I still have more testing to do on this, so far I believe the suppressor has no measurable POI shift after being removed and re-installed.


I have since confirmed zero both unsuppressed and suppressed and every time the POI is on target and the shift is always approximately 0.2 mils low unsuppressed.  I believe the POI shift is mostly due to increased speed.  So far I am seeing an approximate velocity increase of 80-100fps.  I have not yet used a chronograph to check the change in velocity however my ballistics software was pretty much spot on out to and beyond 1000 yards using 2730 fps suppressed compared to 2645 unsuppressed.


As far as sound suppression we don’t have any testing and official numbers so far.  I have fired this suppressor next to several other top brands and it is definitely not giving anything up to the competition.  Hopefully we will get some official numbers on this in the not to distant future.  I also had several competitors mention that they thought it was very quiet!  Another important note on sound is that there is no noticeable first round pop!


The Archangel is a single piece mono core suppressor.  The entire suppressor is made out of aircraft grade titanium and the core-baffle system is machined out of a single piece of titanium, not welded.  This suppressor can be disassembled by the user for maintenance.  While there will be critics to this approach I think that due to the manufacturing process of this suppressor the overall accuracy & consistency will be better than welded cans.  Also to not is that there is only one source of variation and that is the core.  The core takes all the stress and does all the work.  The outside tube only holds the pressure in, and the endcap only secures the tube into place.  Due to this design you don’t need to torque the endcap excessively into place.  Hand tight is good enough.  Also we’ve seen where sticks or something get caught in the suppressor on a stalk, and this makes those situations a non-issue out in the field.


I have more testing I will be doing on this suppressor as well as reproducing some of my results of previous tests on video for others to check out.  I will try include some pictures on my next update.


Luke R

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